Bhupesh Bansal Reached Great Heights of Success by His Entrepreneurial Skills

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Bhupesh Bansal was born on 26th April in the year 1997 in Punjab. At the age of 14, he spent his time on social media as a teenage and was curious to know about how do people earn from Social media. After he completed his school around 2012-2013 he started making memes and posting them on the Internet. Gradually, not suddenly, his content started getting traction and it was just a matter of time after, that his content got massive love from everyone. Meme making led him to learn proper photoshop, illustrator and finally digital art. An Amazing fact was that no one helped him in these content he did everything all by himself with the help of the Internet.

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He is an expert in Social media marketing and has done much in this sector already. he has worked for the biggest brands in the country. He also likes to post relatable and informative cartoons on his Instagram which keeps his audience entertained.

He is also the owner of BM Digital Pvt. Ltd. Bhupesh has been recognized as a pioneer in the communications and advertising industry. Bansal’s work has been featured in several exhibitions, magazines, and media outlets including Tribune, Influencive, The Statesman, and others.

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If anything that ever attracted Bhupesh Bansal, it was the idea to create something of his own, something he could take great pride in. This took him deeper into the world of the digital space and here he is today, well-known as an entrepreneur and digital artist. His Parents are Govt officers so He thought they would expect his to be the same but they were quite okay when He told them that He wanted to be in this area, they said they were okay with it because they believed in him and that He would go great.

Bhupesh’s future plans is to start a new animated series for his Instagram and with brands. He’s working on 3 new campaigns which will give digital marketing a whole new perspective.

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