Big Boss 14: The biggest reason why the show is not getting proper TRP’s

Tapasvi Vibhute
·1-min read

Till date, Big Boss 14 housemates have not left a single stone unturned to cancel the task. Only a couple of tasks have been completed by abiding the proper rules and regulations and contenders have come up with a proper excuse to escape the drill.

After tolerating such kind of behavior from housemates time and again, Big Boss came up with the solution and took away all the ration from the house. Now, housemates have to earn all the necessities which they were taking for granted.

Even after coming up with such a solution, contenders have not changed their behavior, they are not serious at all. In yesterday’s task, again rules were broken by them. At the beginning of the task Devoleena who has come as Eijaz’s proxy, broke the rule followed by Nikki Tamboli broke. But in the end everyone ended up cornering Nikki for her behavior.

Even the viewers now are getting triggered due to the unusual behavior of the housemates of not completing the task and taking things lightly. Let’s see will the things get difficult for the existing set of contestants or they will continue to be the same.