Big Boss 14 : Is Eijaz Khan trying to save himself by highlighting the negative side of others?

Tapasvi Vibhute
·1-min read

Eijaz Khan is one of the most popular contestants of ‘Bigg Boss 14’ once a superstar of Indian Television, Eijaz now somewhat wishes to reignite his old spark as a public figure because he has admitted it time and again that he needs to start working on his career from a scratch!

But here a few things about the Kkavyanjali star that we as viewers have observed which didn’t go down too well! In the start, Eijaz had a very good facade visibly of a matured person but gradually as the things started to change his equations too with other people changed! In the start he seemed as someone who values his relations but in the end he was seen trying to create a new bond with the new entrants repeating his stories altogther. To begin with, he created a bond with Jaan but later ended up spoiling it under the pretext of playing a game. Also, Nikki whom he shared the most nicest camaraderie with also ended up having a spat with the latter.

Eijaz, who most of the times does not comprehends the task, tries to insinuate with the rules which shows him in a very bad light! He is often seen putting an extra effort to be seen as the most nicest person in the house but that just goes on for a toss when he uses that as a sheild in most of his fights!

We definitely expect more from Eijaz as his stature is one of the most looked upon in the entire house!