Big Boss 14: only Salman Khan can stop Rakhi Sawant from doing cheap things, disappointed fans express their displeasure

Tapasvi Vibhute
·2-min read

Rakhi is the most entertaining candidate of the show, and her entry inside the show made the show more interesting.

But since a few days, netizens are not finding her entertaining at all. Everyone knows Rakhi’s addiction to Abhinav Shukla. But since he has started maintaining distance from her Rakhi’s behaviour has changed and fans are not liking it anymore.

In the precap video of today’s episode it is seen that Rakhi pulls the Abhinav’s pant’s knot and then Rubina and Rakhi get into heated argument.

In a recent episode, Rakhi wore a bikini and wrote Abhinav’s name on her entire body. And in yesterday’s episode, the entertainer was very angry on Abhinav hence she cut his underwear into pieces on the national platform.

The viewers are not finding it cool anymore. As Abhinav is married to Rubina who is also a contestant on the same show. She was also heard Saying that ‘Rubina is also a contender into a house so I can flirt or make an affair with Abhinav’ which is not going down well with the fans.

On the other hand Vikas’s behaviour has changed and the latter has started acting manipulative. It can be seen that he is trying to take Rakhi’s position. He was seen talking with Rakhi that don’t sit with Rubina and told her “You are equally strong and play your game”. And on the contrary is calling Abhinav his brother.

All the Disappointed fans of Rakhi Sawant are expressing their disappointment on social media.
Here are some tweets:

Now Big Boss and then host Salman Khan can stop Rakhi from doing this cheap behaviour.

It will be interesting to see if Salman talks about this in WKV as nobody inside the house knows what Rakhi is doing.