Big boss 14: Rahul drags RubiNav’s personal life again during their fight

Tapasvi Vibhute
·1-min read

The precap of today’s episode revealed housemates struggling to get the necessities after big boss took everything away.

The video shows Rubina and Rahul lock their horns over a task-related issue. In which Rahul Vaidya drags RubiNav’s personal relationship and says, “Tere biwi ka na ho saka, kisi aur ka kya hoga tu” (If you couldn’t be with your wife when she needed you, there’s no way you can be an aid to someone else ).

Rahul Vaidya always pokes private and past relationships of the housemates. May be Rahul has forgot that Abhinav and Rubina have not come on the show on their own but Big Boss has invited them together. In every season we see one or two pairs coming together inside the house, for exampe, Apoorva Agnihotri-Shilpa Saklani, Kishwer-Suyash, Rashami-Arhaan etc.

Rubina and Abhinav have come together as a couple for the game and are playing their games, but always taunting them on their relationship is not cool at all on Rahul’s end.

Here is the promo of today’s episode

But as they say, Everyone gets their due. Hence, it would be really interesting to see who wins what and how much in the end. But you? You stay tuned.