Big Brands Like pampers, Pepsi, Zomato, Tropicana Take to Social Media Welcoming Virushka’s Baby

Rutunjay Dole
·1-min read

Soon after Indian cricket team’s captain Virat Kohli announced on Twitter that he and his actor wife Anushka Sharma had been blessed with a baby girl on Monday afternoon, many consumer companies made a dash to be associated with India’s highest paid celebrity.

Procter and Gamble’s Pampers, Tropicana and Pepsi, Food delivery Zomato, delivery Services Company Dunzo and Liberty shoes were among those that released ads across social media that forms including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to leverage the occasion.

Kohli doesn’t endorse any product of these companies, although some of them are said to be considering signing him on. “Kohli’s management firm has been getting feelers form brands with child centric products for endorsements even before the birth of the baby,” said a source.

“Here’s to new roles and a new innings,” Pampers said on its social media handles with a short video congratulating and tagging the new parents.

#GoodnessComesHome, #ItsAGirl, PepsiCo’s Tropicana posted on its Instagram handle, with visuals of the “goodness of fruits.”

“A swagstar is born” Pepsi captioned with a picture while liberty shoes said, “Beginning of much awaited innings”.

Kohli’s brand value was the highest among Indian cricketers, based on engagement and followers on Social media, according to a report by Checkbrand, an online sentiment analysis company, two weeks ago. Kohli’s brand value was Rs. 328 crore, followed by Sachin Tendulkar at Rs. 167 crore and MS Dhoni at Rs. 124 crore.