Big Brother Germany contestants informed about coronavirus pandemic in a live show

big brother coronavirus

Big Brother contestants looked worried when they were informed about coronavirus.

The contestants of Germany's version of Big Brother were finally informed about the coronavirus pandemic on Tuesday. During the live show, they were also shown news clips of deserted streets in Italy and Germany after the spread of the virus.

The TV show has 14 contestants locked inside a house for 100 days. The ongoing season of the show began on February 10 when only China was hit by the coronavirus. Now, Germany has reported over 6000 cases and 13 deaths.

As soon as the contestants were informed about the spread of coronavirus, they looked worried about their loved ones. While one of the contestants got teary-eyed and said she is worried about her mother, another expressed concern for the economy of his country.

The contestants also got to clear their doubts about coronavirus from the resident doctor who sat behind the glass sheet. They were shown video messages from their family members who tried to keep them calm by joking how they are in the safest place.

Four new contestants entered Big Brother Germany on March 9, but they were barred from speaking about the current state of affairs.

According to a BBC report, the decision to inform the contestants came after the makers were criticised on social media.