Bigg Boss 11: Ravi Dubey applauds Hina Khan’s sense of self-belief and Vikas Gupta’s pitch perfect game plan

Urmimala Banerjee
Bigg Boss 11: Here is what Ravi Dubey feels

It is not only viewers but also celebs who are crazily hooked to Bigg Boss 11. One of the actors who has been making some observations on the show is Ravi Dubey. Two of his closest friends Vikas Gupta and Hina Khan are in the finale. In a conversation with Bollywood Life, Ravi said, “Basically, two of my friends are inside the house. Both have played exceptionally well. My best wishes are with both.” The Jamai Raja also waxed eloquent about how he felt that Vikas Gupta was the most competent and balanced house mate ever. “I feel Vikas has given a template to everyone on how to play Bigg Boss. He is like this encyclopedia on what is right and wrong. He has really lived upto the tag of the mastermind. He has played well and I feel he is the most balanced player across seasons.” (Also Read: Bigg Boss 11, 11 January 2018 LIVE Updates: Vikas Gupta wins Rs 6 lakh by making Shilpa Shinde and Puneesh Sharma quit the task)

The handsome actor also opined on the wave of negativity that has engulfed Hina Khan outside the house. “Hina, inside and outside has been facing a storm of judgement. She has been strong in the face of it. It takes a lot of power, self-worth, self-belief to be unfazed by all this. I don’t think I would be able to handle all that in the kind of space these guys are in right now,” he says. When asked about the Mohalle Ki Aunty comment made on Hina, he said, “Bigg Boss is one show which has becomes part of an household. All of us talk about it. Everyone is watching and is entitled to his or her legitimate share of perspective. It can happen that someone has said something and it has offended someone. At the same time, as human beings, we are entitled to our rights and wrongs. People will appreciate our rights and condemn what they feel is wrong. The idea is not to let it (the flak) reach us on a personal level. Even I am one amongst them. Someone will argue that some statement has hurt him or hurt.”

The stylish actor said that the contestants have no idea about how big they are as stars. They are just inside the house. “The social media craze around the show is mind-boggling with the million tweets and stuff. I would say that Vikas inspires me as he has maintained goodwill in that so-called volatile space. He is not a passive player at all. There are some who in the quest to be Mr Goody Two Shoes fade away in the background. Nazar hi nahi aate. Vikas has been involved but not that much so it makes him look bad. I feel Vikas is excellent, pretty outstanding on the show!,” opines Ravi. He feels all the four finalists are people of exceptional merit and the best of the lot.

The actor was quick to say that he would never be a part of Bigg Boss 11. “I would never do the show. I agree that it appeals to our voyeuristic nature but I cannot do it. It is the simple fact,” he signs off.