Bigg Boss 11: Is Sapna Choudhary married? Check out her wedding pictures

Vinod Talreja
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Bigg Boss 11: Is Sapna Choudhary married? Check out her wedding pictures

Sapna's wedding pictures are going viral on the internet

It’s no doubt that Sapna Choudhary, who is currently one of the contestants on Bigg Boss 11 enjoys a massive fan following. The stage performer from Haryana is extremely popular especially in the interiors of North India. But this fame has come to her at a cost. For those of you who don’t know, there was a time when Sapna was quite depressed and tried to kill herself by consuming poison. It so happened that Sapna was accused of insulting a Dalit community. There was an online campaign that was started against her post that. Troubled with all the accusations, she committed suicide, but obviously she survived. This is what which is out there on the internet.

But there is another chapter from Sapna’s life that has also made it’s way online. Some pictures which show Sapna dressed as a bride are going viral. So is Sapna married? Why has she not spoke about this all this while? Well, before you get your thoughts go helter skelter, let us tell you that Sapna is not married and these pictures are screenshots of one of her music videos. Check them out right here: ALSO READ: Salman Khan’s designer Ashley Rebello reveals the actor is NOT fussy about his outfits, but conditions apply


Talking about Sapna’s stint on Bigg Boss 11, the lady is nominated for eliminations this week. In last night’s episode, we saw an argument between Sapna and Arshi Khan, wherein the latter demeaned Sapna by calling her a ‘naachnewali’ and thereon the fight between them ensues. Sapna found her own unique way of getting back at Arshi – she followed her around singing songs and changing the lyrics to reflect her mindset. A silent ticking bomb, Sapna also disclosed that she wouldn’t mind getting into a physical brawl if the time so implores.

Do you think Sapna should get eliminated this week from Bigg Boss 11? If not her then who? Let us know by taking our poll below.

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