Bigg Boss 12: Dipika Kakar’s Husband Shoaib Ibrahim Requests Fans Not To Show Anyone Down!

Nagarathna A

Dipika Kakar surprised her fans by entering the Bigg Boss 12 house. The actress is playing the game really well, but she is being trolled as she cries a lot. People feel that it is her strategy, and trolled her on social media. We have also seen Bigg Boss fans commenting negative and trolling other contestants to support their favourites. Dipika's husband, Shoaib has requested the fans not to bash anyone and continue supporting their favourites. Also, the actor revealed that he is loving her game.
Read on to know what the actor has to say about Dipika, and also on Sreesanth's changed behaviour towards Dipika.

Shoaib Is Loving Dipika’s Game

Regarding Dipika's game, Shoaib was quoted by Pinkvilla as saying, "I am loving her game, as a viewer as well as her husband. See, the way I watch Bigg Boss, I feel you shouldn't hurt anybody, and you shouldn't accuse someone or end up in a situation where even after leaving the house, that person can't forgive you. And apart from that, a little bit of diplomacy and here and there is something that every contestant does, and everyone is going to do after all."

About Sreesanth’s Changed Behaviour Towards Dipika

About Sreesanth's change in behaviour towards Dipika, he told the entertainment portal, "I think that it doesn't make any difference, it is a game and there are 15 - 16 people. Everyone's feelings in the house are going to change with every passing day. Leave alone people inside the house, those outside too, keep changing their approach towards the other person."

Shoaib Further Added…

"In fact, inside the house one doesn't know what is going to happen and what turn of events will take place, plus, you don't know what is happening outside. Today, Sreesanth's feelings have changed, it is quite possible that tomorrow, somebody else's feelings about him might change. I think it is going to change and there is nothing to worry about."

The Show Is Going To Be Fun Now!

Now that the jodis have been dissolved, the actor feels that the game will be interesting. He said, "It is going to be fun now, because in the game so far, they managed to get ahead in terms of both voting and the game, and now is when the real game will begin and everyone will pay individually."

Shoaib Requests Fans To Support Them

He said, "My show is also starting, Ishq Mein Marjawan, and for all our fans, I am thankful to you and you guys have always supported us and now is when we need more support, not me, but she does."

The Actor Requests Fans Not To Spread Negativity!

"I agree she cries a lot but she is just a little emotional and I can understand why that happens because she is just a little too hurt. All we need is love and no negativity around. Everyone has their own opinion and if someone does not like Dipika, it is okay. Lastly, please don't show anyone down, and just keep supporting us."

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