Bigg Boss 12: Evicted Contestant Saurabh Patel Reveals His Real Identity And His Relationship With Jasleen Matharu!

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Saurabh Patel, who’s just got evicted from Bigg Boss 12 House on this Weekend Ka Vaar, has opened up about his fake/real identity as well as his relationship with Jasleen Matharu questioned by Anup Jalota! Here’s his statement:

In a conversation with a leading portal, after his eviction this weekend, Saurabh Patel makes surprising revealations about his relationship with Jasleen Matharu, his stance on being questioned by Anup Jalota on the same as well as lastly, clearing out the baffling mystery over his fake/real identity!

When asked whether he is acsring director or really a Farmer, the Bigg Boss 12 ex-contestant stated, “Firstly, when I entered Bigg Boss, a video clip was played which was shot in my house, khet and everywhere. I am Saurabh Patel, I am a farmer. When I return home, I will upload more videos of myself in my farms, farming, while riding a tractor so that I can prove my innocence. When I had lied, I had accepted but when I am not wrong, I won’t accept it.”

Over being evicted against contestants Jasleen Matharu, Urvashi Vani and Saba Khan, he said, “I was surprised with my eviction because I thought I was warming up now, with regards to the game. I thought I was in the running. Also, Urvashi doesn’t speak at all, compared to her, I thought I deserved to be in the house.”

On Anup Jalota and Jasleen’s relationship, he replied, “They share a very good bonding and understanding. Also, somewhere I feel that if Jasleen did anything wrong, Anup ji would teach her the right thing to do. We never thought that the bonding between them is fake.”

Saurabh Patel being questioned by Anup Jalota after his comeback from the secret room, over his relationship with Jasleen Matharu. On the same, Saurabh exclaimed, “I have immense respect for him [Anup]. Maybe, he just reacted according to the game. Also, I think he gets persuaded by people a lot and maybe that’s why he reacted the way he did. I can never be angry with people for long. It is okay whatever he said but he should have thought before speaking. You cannot insult a relationship for game. It is wrong to look at a sister and brother relationship in a different way.”

Concluding his statement he revealed that according to him, Sreesanth has been playing game in the most apt way. As well as that he is definitely one of the most strong contestant of all.

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