Bigg Boss 12, Vikas Gupta’s Good, Bad And Ugly: Dipika Kakar, Saba Khan, Nehha Pendse, Roshmi Banik, Shivashish Mishra? talks to Bigg Boss 11 contestant for his early impressions on Bigg Boss 12. The man is brutally frank on his opinions about the on-going season, though he adds a precautionary note that "it's early days yet". Fine, so what's the good, bad and ugly about Bigg Boss 12 till date? Vikas replies, "Yes, we can fill up these three categories based on what all has happened so far." Bigg Boss 12 went on air last Sunday and we brought you the review on Monday morning.

Fill up those categories Gupta and you can take your time. Pat comes the reply, "I am ready based on whatever I have seen so far." Good? "I like Dipika Kakar and Karanvir Bohra. They are my friends and I have no qualms in disclosing that. But I wouldn't say that they are my favourites, whom I am rooting for. Let's see the show a little more before I tell you that who I want should win. And I quite like Deepak Thakur and his jodidar Urvashi Vanik too. They are very cute and look very sincere and honest; I am quite fond of them. Ditto for Roshmi Banik (who had predicted will not be ousted despite the other three girls who entered with her being strongly against her)" FYI, Vikas had ended up 3rd in Bigg Boss 11 and Hina Khan came 2nd, while Shilpa Shinde emerged as the winner. It would be interesting to see if this season's contestants can create so much friction that they go sort of out of control, as the Bigg Boss 11 participants had done last year.

Dipika Kakar And Karanvir Bohra In Bigg Boss 12

Deepak Thakur And Urvashi Vanik Bigg Boss 12 Contestants

And what's the bad, according to Gupta? "I don't like the Khan sisters- Saba and Somi. I will categorise them into to 'bad'. They started off very well, but suddenly their fighting does not look convincing," Gupta says.

Saba And Somi Khan In Bigg Boss 12

Nehha Pendse Poses For A Photo Shoot

And the ugly? Pat came the reply: "Well, I don't like Shivashish Mishra. but, no reason in particular."

Cricketer Sreesanth And Shivashish Mishra Fight It Out

You can send us your own 'Good, Bad And Ugly in Bigg Boss 12'. It will be heartwarming to see the direction in which the tide is flowing. Bring it on! And hey, just in case you missed our Best Dressed & Worst Dressed column on Bigg Boss 12 yesterday, click above to read it.

dipika kakar and karanvir bohra in bigg boss 12
deepak thakur and urvashi vanik bigg boss 12 contestants
saba and somi khan in bigg boss 12
neha pendse poses for a photo shoot
sreesanth and shivashish mishra fight it out
best dressed worst dressed

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