Bigg Boss 13's Arhaan Khan On Hindustani Bhau: 'I Hope He Refrains From Abusing On National TV'- EXCLUSIVE

Bigg Bigg 13 should take an interesting turn for good, now that several new faces have marked an entry as wild cards. Yesterday, the wild card contestants’ entry sequences entertained the viewers and one amongst them happens to be popular YouTuber Hindustani Bhau aka Vikas Fathak.

But, his bhaigiri lingo didn’t go well with another contestant Tehseen Poonawalla who asked him to speak in sophisticated language. However, another wild card entry Arhaan Khan seemed to quite okay with his lingo as before marking an entry, he spoke exclusively to and disclosed his take on Hindustani Bhau.

Said Arhaan, "I have heard that Hindustani Bhau is also entering the show. I haven't met him personally before, but have heard a lot about him. I know that he runs his YouTube channel and posts some abusive videos. He loves to abuse in his videos and give blunt statements. See, all that is fine as YouTube is a different platform altogether. But I hope he doesn't abuse people on National TV. Bigg Boss is a show which is watched by 69 million people all over the world and if he says anything wrong and abusive there, not only him but makers will also be setting a wrong example".

When asked if he is okay with his language outside the house, he said, "It's a common language. We also abuse in front of our friends. I just want him to play in a dignified way on the show".

Image Source:- newsjizz/tabloidxo

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