Bigg Boss 13's Arhaan Khan's Ex Amrita Dhanoa's EXPOSÉ: "He Once Told Me He's Married And Now, Has Taken 70L Gold In Rashami Desai's Name"

The latest promo of Bigg Boss 13 hints that Arhaan may already be married and has a kid. Adding to this, are other damning details, such as Rashami trusting Arhaan before entering the BB house, so much so that she gave Arhaan  complete access of her bank accounts and house, so much so that Arhaan's kith and kin is staying in it now.

Khair yeh to rahi baat jo humne doosron se suni hai. We thought the time was right to call Amrita Dhanoa who had lashed out at Arhaan and accused him of using her financially, emotionally and physically by also telling her that he was a certain Mazhar Sheikh. Amrita had something very shocking to reveal today, "Arhaan had once told me that he is married. He walked out on me then and I went into a depression. Phir wapas aaya after a month and said he was joking and had said it simply because he wanted to be away for a while.

I am shell-shocked that it is now being revealed in Bigg Boss 13 that he indeed was married, plus has a kid. When did this all happen? If it is true, it's maddening.  He was with me for 10 years and everytime I ended it with him, he would plead and return. There is something very sinister about this man and it will be revealed, sooner or later. I thank God several times for saving me from his clutches.


Adds Amrita, "I didn't even know he is dating Rashami when he was with me. How many wives does he want? Three?"

Image Source:- instagram/imrashamidesai/ arhaankhaan/ amritadhanoa

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