Bigg Boss 13: 'Himanshi Khurana Ne Meri Beti Ko Ghar Baitha Diya Tha, She Called Producers And Told Them Not To Give Her Work,' Shehnaaz Gill's Father BLASTS

Shehnaz Gill's father Santokh Singh Sukh recently entered the Bigg Boss 13 house during the family week. We got talking to him after he came back to know how was the experience and what he felt after meeting his daughter after so long. In a long chat, Santokh Singh expressed his disappointment about how many things are not going on-air, which actually should go and also spoke about her daughter's enemy, Himanshi Khurana torturing Shehnaaz and much more.

Excerpts from the conversation:

How was your experience inside the Bigg Boss 13 house?

It was amazing. I got to meet my daughter after such a long time, felt great!

Were you excited to see yourself on TV?

I was very excited, just that they edited a lot of things which I wanted to go on air. 


I explained Shehnaaz that Bigg Boss is a lifetime opportunity for her and she shouldn't lose it. I told her if Salman Sir is telling her something take it sportingly as he has a soft corner for you. Not once but twice he has come inside the house. One was during Shehnaaz's captaincy task when people were not working, and he had come and cleaned the house, indirectly helping Shehnaaz and this time when she got aggressive, he came again. Cutting cake for TRP was just a reason as after talking to her he even forgot that he was supposed to cut the cake inside. Cake ka to bas bahana tha vo aaye andar Shehnaaz ke liye the. But they edited all this probably because of time constraint.

We saw Shehnaaz hitting herself out of anger. Has she done this before also?

Yes, she has done this before also when she had an argument with me once at home. 

You think your advice will change Shehnaaz's behaviour towards housemates?

Definitely and you must have seen that in the last episode. I have spoken to her on every single person inside and revealed that how they are backbiting about her.



In promos, we saw you talking about Rashami Desai but that too was missing in the episode. What was that?

I was just making Shehnaaz aware to keep herself away from her. Kyunki vo usko Sidharth ke khilaaf bhadkati hai. In one of the episodes, I saw her saying he is double your age, which I didn't like. 

You also told Shehnaaz to be in her limits with Sidharth Shukla...

I personally like Sidnaaz. But my reason of guiding Shehnaaz was only because I don't want things to look bad from their end. People like them together and their bond but at the same time, I don't want her to cross her limits. We watch the show with our families and all these things don't look good on-screen. Like when Shefali's husband Parag Tyagi entered, we saw them kissing so many times and it was awkward. I don't want all that. Also, she had said to Sidharth that she don't want trophy and just wants him, which is a very big statement. So, I corrected her and told her to focus on the game. 

Why were you upset with Paras Chhabra?

He is a disgusting person and I wanted to yell at him but Shehnaaz stopped me. 

We saw Paras telling Mahira ill things about you?

Paras ne jab bhi muh khola hai ganda hi bola hai. What else we can expect from a person like him? He hasn't left a single person in the house too. Right from commenting on Shefali's eyes, saying billi aankhon waali ladki pe main aitbaar nahi karta to Arti Singh's character. Whenever he comes out, I am sure billi aankhon waali ladkiyan ise joote lagayengi.

Himanshi Khurana in an interview to us told that Shehnaaz tried to ruin her relationship with her boyfriend, Amit Wirk...

Really? Let me tell you straight that the two had not met each other face to face until they entered the Bigg Boss 13 house. They had not even spoken on phone ever. Whatever had happened between the two was on social media, when they had gone LIVE and said things against each other. And what will Shehnaaz get ruining Himanshi's love relationship. She is saying Shehnaaz mera relationship todna chahti thi but what is she doing right  now? Breaking her 10 years of relationship because of Asim Riaz, whom she has known for mere four weeks and that too on a reality show. Will she now go and tell the world that because of Shehnaaz she broke her relationship with Chow? 

Do you know Chow and his family?

Not at all. I don't know who is he. I have just heard that the guy is based in Canada and he has done a lot to establish Himanshi Khurana in the acting industry. She has broken up with a person who did so much for her after getting some limelight. You can understand what kind of person she is?  

Himanshi has claimed that Shehnaaz tried to manipulate Chow's brother against her? 

She is lying. 

Himanshi has also said that your daughter wrecked her life...

Well, it was vice versa actually. Himanhsi made my daughter's life miserable post the controversy.



Himanshi has tortured my daughter to an extent that she would have committed suicide. After their controversy, whenever Shehnaaz used to post any picture of her on social media, there used to be 100 comments, 90 were abusive and it was all done by Himanshi's PR team. Himanshi was in the industry from 15 years and Shehnaaz that time was just a year-and-half old in it. So, this girl used to make sure that she doesn't get any work. There have been times when people called my daughter for work and then she was sent back home from the set saying aap chale jaao hamne kisi aur ko le liya hai. Everything was fed by Himanshi. Because of her experience, she shared a good rapport with directors and producers and used to call them saying is bandi ko kaam nahi dena. Shehnaz almost slipped into depression and that's when I told her to leave the industry but she didn't give up. She said I want to work and I will keep trying.

Go on... 

People said why Shehnaz reacted so much seeing her in the house? Well. this was the real reason as she got disturbed that now she will make her life hell once again. 

Then how did Shehnaaz finally get work?

There were also people int he industry who disliked Himanshi and they gave work to Shehnaaz, but percentage of that work was so low that I can say Himanshi ne meri beti ko ghar bitha diya tha.  

You think Himanshi and Asim will make a good pair outside?.

If she is thinking that Asim will come out and be with her then I don't feel it's happening because he has become extremely famous and I am sure a lot of girls will be dying to be with him now. I don't think he will entertain her. She is 37-year-old and he is a young man.


But Asim has already confessed his feelings to her...

In the show, Asim didn't have any connection with anyone else, probably that's why he chose to be with her and got emotionally attached but I don't see them together in future.

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