Bigg Boss 13: Here’s WHAT Brother Anu Malik ADVISED To Abu Malik For BB13!

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Anu Malik gives out the BEST advise to brother and BB contestant Abu Malik before entering Bigg Boss 13! Here’s what:

The Malik brothers have always been a very close-knit group, more so, when it comes to encouraging one another as moral support! Hence, it was only natural for everyone to be absolutely supportive and Abu Malik’s confidante for the tedha season of Bigg Boss 13!

However, Anu Malik definitely gave out quite a cool advise for brother Abu, before he entered the house.

In an exclusive chat with PINKVILLA, Abu Malik replied, “I am told, ‘control yourself’. Anu gave me the best advice. He told me that he loves the way I write, sing and I am the right person to be in here. I have a knack for it, I am a people’s person, he said.”

Meanwhile, talking about whether or not he is ready to face the challenges of being inside the BB13 house, Abu stated, “Yes, I am prepared. I know things get out of hand, people shout, rant and get into a scuffle. So, if that happens, I will respond with love. That is the only way I look at it. I am sure I will be angry with the men side perhaps but I will try to handle it as civil as possible. I am not going to insult any women, no matter what happens. I wouldn’t do it in my own house, in public or this house, no matter how angry they make me.”

Well, we’re definitely ready to see what unfolds next in this game of drama, little action and much controversial show!

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