Bigg Boss 13: Chef Vikas Khanna hits back at trolls questioning his faith after being fed by Asim Riaz

Chef Vikas Khanna had the perfect answer for social media trolls who questioned his faith after Bigg Boss 13 contestant Asim Riaz fed him. The Michelin stars chef had recently entered the house to judge a cooking task and treat the winners to mouthwatering dishes cooked by him.

Vikas Khanna took to his Instagram handle to share a picture of Asim Riaz feeding him while inside the house. Along with the picture the actor wrote a long post talking about his experience in the house and vicious comments he had to face later on. The chef wrote, “Dear All. I was in BiggBoss house a few days back. We had spent hours and hours to create Michelin Style plates for the Winning team…….when everyone started eating, I was so happy to see them eat. They are living in isolation without any luxury for months, it was a satisfying moment for me to see them savour my food. Except for Asim, who served me a bite with his hands first. It was a genuine moment to thank me. When I posted this humble gesture on Insta Story, I got a lot of hate filled rude messages and questions. Even questioning my faith. I’m an Indian and that’s my faith.”

He further wrote about his struggling ddays in America. “I have slept many days without food during my journey in America, I admire people with courage and big hearts even when they are at the receiving end. Humanity and Humility Shine even when they are silent and small,”he concluded.

After visiting the Bigg Boss house, Vikas had shared a picture of Asim feeding him on his Instagram story and wrote that he was humbled by the sweet gesture. After being accused of favouring Asim and receiving of a lot of hate for the post, Vikas clarified in a series of tweets why he was moved.

He wrote, “When house mates are living in Bigg Boss for months without luxuries and when given a Michelin Star meal, it moved me that Asim fed me first. I’m not a part of any team, but we must honor a humbling moments in life. This gratitude is what defines us as human.”

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