Bigg Boss 13: Dalljiet Kaur Finds A Confidante In Rashami Desai, Discusses Breastfeeding And Lactation Troubles With The Actress

Bigg Boss 13 contestants have been surprising us with their acts onscreen. The celebrities are running the race to hold the title and are not shying away to get footage on the cameras inside the house. And one such moment can be seen in Voot's Unseen Undekha where TV actress Dalljiet Kaur is seen having a heart to heart talk with co-contestant Rashami Desai. Looks like she has found a confidante in Rashami Desai and Dalljiet discussed breastfeeding and lactation troubles with her.

While explaining to Rashami as to how the mind is connected to your body, Dalljiet was seen giving an example of breastfeeding.  She says that when she was lactating, she was facing an issue. While people asked her to stay happy and keep smiling, she just couldn’t. One fine day, when she was in Bangalore, she was incredibly happy for some reason and she mentioned that it solved her issues and ‘milk was literally oozing out’, says the actor. "Neurologically you can control your body and health,” is what Dalljiet was seen sharing with Rashami.

Rashami Desai was surprised by the revelations. Take a look at the clip:

Dalljiet, who is one of the strong contenders inside the Bigg Boss 13 house has been applauded by many for her strength and conviction in real-life too! After all, the actress who went through a bitter separation and divorce from her husband actor Shaleen Bhanot came out as an strong person and became a perfect role model for her son Jaydon.

In a recent episode Dalljiet was seen warning housemates for not getting her son's name in the game. Lashing out at Siddharth Dey post nomination task when Siddharth Dey asked Dalljiet how would she feel if her son Jaydon was cornered and people ganged up against him. This got Dalljiet furious and she yelled at him for dragging her family into the fight. Later, Siddharth apologized to her. However, their fight gave good enough fodder to Bigg Boss makers to bank on.

The channel has not aired the conversation in the episode. But It is true that your body reacts to your mind and Dalljiet's life is a testimony to this.

Image Source:- youtube/ Saas Bahu Aur Betiyaan

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