Bigg Boss 13 Day 110 highlights: Arti Singh, Sidharth Shukla clarify 'fixed deposit' controversy with Salman Khan

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The Bigg Boss 13 Weeekend Ka Vaar episode began on a musical note with actor-singer Himesh Reshammiya made an entry in the house. The singer woke up contestants and made them dance to his popular 'Aashiqui Mein Teri' song.

He revealed that Rashami Desai had stolen tea leaves from the kitchen and stashed them away, oblivious to other contestants, thus starting a new controversy and accusations against her. Later, Himesh introduced a task and asks the housemates do participate in vocal exercises with him. He also conducted laughter therapy sessions with them. The singer then gives them a task wherein the house is divided into two parts. Team Sidharth Shukla and Team Asim. They are asked to extract sugarcane juice and the team who does the maximum work is declared the winner.

Further, host Salman Khan takes over and chided Asim Riaz and Sidharth Shukla for their fights. He also asked them to fight it out for once and all, he will be opening the gate of the house so that they can fight outside. While Sidharth got up and pulled up his sleeves after being proded a few times, Asim said Sidharth had been "dying to do that" but he does not want that. Drawing the matter to a close, Salman says that if they don't control their anger, they will have to face serious repercussions. A visibly upset Salman then asked Sidharth that if he really wanted to hit Asim and quit the show, Sidharth should go ahead and do it.

Salman then discussed the controversy around the use of the word fixed deposit. Both Sidharth and Arti complained to Salman about it. Salman then asked Shefali who replied that she did not want to clarify when she heard it from Rashami and Arhaan because she did not like it.

Salman asked why were people taking the word in a negative way. Because it simply meant permanent and fixed friends. According to Times of India, Vishal did clarify to Arti Singh about it and said, "You might be wanting to know in what sense I called you fixed deposit. I want to clear things that I was talking about the game. The way you and Sidharth stand for each other in the game and support each other. But I didn't mean it in a demeaning way."

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