Bigg Boss 13: Did Paras Chhabra's Statement To Sidharth Shukla 'Tumhari Wali Mere Paas Hai' CONFIRM That His Girlfriend Akanksha Puri Has DATED Sidharth?- EXCLUSIVE

It has gone largely unnoticed because we are in so much hurry that we don't pause to listen, we don't pause to realise, we don't pause to absorb things. Uff, why are most of us just pushing each other, having short attention spans and moving aimlessly? Here goes the story.

We know for a fact that there were hot rumours of a romance between Akanksha Puri and Sidharth Shukla. The fact that both denied it then, crushed the goss eventually. Those were the days of Dill Se Dill Tak, when Sidharth had called it off with Rashami Desai and Paras had gone into the arms of Pavitra Punia.

Aisa kaha ja raha tha that Akanksha and Sidharth had got involved on the rebound.

Now suddenly the Thursday episode of Bigg Boss 13 showed Paras and Sidharth going hammer and tongs at each other, when Sidharth and Parth suddenly hit each other under the belt. Literally, you can say.

Paras to Sidharth: I don't understand what you upto man.

Sidharth to Paras: I am sure you don't 'under' 'stand' (Pause and Note: The word 'understand' was broken into two, there was a distinct pause. Clearly, there was a double meaning connotation used).

Paras to Sidharth: Aha, achcha, tabhi toh tumhari wali mere paas hai.

We were startled by Paras' statement "Tabhi toh tumhari wali mere paas hai" and got talking to sources common to Sidharth and him, who told us, "Paras' defense was actually a counter-attack, if you see. Who is with Paras, currently? None other than Akanksha Puri (who made her Bollywood debut with Madhur Bhandarkar's Calendar Girls). So, wasn't he telling Sidharth that Akanksha was earlier with you but now with me? And boy, didn't he say it in a coarse way!"

Well, well, well....

When contacted, Akanksha Puri said, "I have been getting a few calls from my friends regarding this," and we chatted to have a long conversation on what developed into an INTERVIEW which you must read. We are coming up with it soon. Don't go away. Stay on

Image Source:- voot/instagram/akanksha8000

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