Bigg Boss 13: Did Shehnaz Gill's Makeup Artist Advise Her To Fake An Affair With Sidharth Shukla? Hear It From The Horse's Mouth- EXCLUSIVE

Bigg Boss 13 is introducing new twists and turns as it's the finale week. The show will have it's grand finale on Feb 15. So, to spice up the vibe inside the house, the makers sent eminent TV personality and anchor, Rajat Sharma inside the house to question the contestants and put them on a spot. 

In yesterday's episode, while talking to Asim Riaz, Rajat Sharma asked him if he advised Sidharth to stay away from Shehnaz Gill. In his defense, Asim said that it was Paras who told him that Shehnaaz has come with an intention to have an affair with Sidharth Shukla on her makeup artist, Rajan Pasi's advice. This not only shocked Sidharth but Shehnaaz too. Clearing her side then, Shehnaaz countered by saying that her makeup artist had told her to fall in love if I like someone but had not taken anyone's name.

So, we thought of connecting with the man himself, Rajan Pasi- Shehnaaz's makeup artist to know if Shehnaz was following his advice to get closer to Sidharth.

Pasi replied, "It's not at all true. I didn't even knew who all were participating in the show except Sana. It's a known fact that makers keep the participants' list a secret. So, how can I even advice her to have an affair with Sidharth? I had 'advised' her on one thing and that is how to do makeup in my absence." 

We also asked Rajan if he was actually responsible for the rivalry between Shehnaaz Gill and Himanshi Khurana due to which the latter had torn his photo from a frame and he responded, "I really don't want to comment on anything for now. Finale is just a few days away and I will definitely talk about it post that."  

We tried to have a conversation ahead with him on the topic but he hung up, excusing himself on the account of being busy in work.

Image Source:- instagram/shehnaazgill, bolly_woodnewsupdate

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