Bigg Boss 13: Doctors Rushed To The House After Devoleena Bhattacharjee’s Torturous Bleach Act On Abu Malik And Asim Riaz- EXCLUSIVE

More than 120 cameras are capturing the contestants’ stay and their controversial journey inside the Bigg Boss 13 house but is everything reaching to the audience? Not really. And we don’t blame the makers; after all, it is difficult to show 24 hour content in 1 hour slot. But these edits are also giving opportunity to the makers to show what they want to and keep the rest for dumping folders on the edit machines, as per their convenience. has got a whiff of one such incident, which was shown to the viewers but in bits and parts. You may recall the latest nomination task where 4 nominated men got an opportunity to save themselves from being nominated. And for that Abu Malik- Asim Riaz and on the other hand Paras Chhabra-Siddhartha Dey were holding each other��s hand and girls in the house were asked to torture them so that they leave each other’s hands.

During the task, Devoleena Bhattacharjee had put bleaching powder on Asim Riaz and Abu Malik which literally burnt their skin- all of this was a part of the show. Now comes the part which was edited out and not told to the viewers. has it that Asim was in so much of pain that he almost lost consciousness and a doctor had to be rushed home to cure the two contestants’ severe burns.

“Devoleena had put bleaching powder and red mirchi powder on Abu and Azim. That created a very bad reaction on their skin and both suffered burns and irritation from the chemicals. That’s when a doctor was called inside the house and he treated them in time,” a source from the show revealed to us.

So, while the world saw Arti Singh and Siddhartha Dey’s big fight on the show, what was left out was the plight of Abu Malik and Asim Riaz. Meanwhile, Abu Malik has been evicted this week, which we told you yesterday.

Image Source:- instagram/devoleena/ musicmanmalik/ colorstv

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