Bigg Boss 13: Vishal Aditya Singh should have been punished too, says Madhurima Tuli

Sana Farzeen
Madhurima Tuli Bigg Boss 13

Madhurima Tuli had entered Bigg Boss 13 as a wild card contestant. (Photo: Madhurima Tuli/Instagram)

On Saturday, Madhurima Tuli was ousted from Bigg Boss 13 for getting violent with Vishal Aditya Singh. Host Salman Khan blamed the former lovers equally for their actions, but explaining that Tuli broke an important house rule, he asked her to leave the show.

A couple of days back, Vishal and Madhurima had got into a war of words which soon turned ugly when Vishal splashed water on her. While Bigg Boss warned the two, Vishal continued doing it and in a fit of rage, Madhurima hit Vishal with a frying pan multiple times.

Post her exit from the show, Madhurima Tuli spoke exclusively to about her ousting. Sharing that she is upset about the turn of events, she said, "Of course, it's a little disheartening but I am feeling fine now. I know I did a mistake but the situation was such that I couldn't control myself."

When asked if it was unfair on the makers part to just punish her and not Vishal Aditya Singh, she said, "Maybe yes, he should have been punished too because he instigated me a lot. It all happened because of that. However, I was more at fault because I hit him. There are times when you lose control over things and raise your hands. Even earlier people have pushed and hurt each other but it was usually in a task and not intentional. So I have no complaints from the makers."

As readers would know, Vishal was already part of Bigg Boss 13 when Madhurima Tuli made an entry. We quizzed her that if she could go back in time, what would she change- not enter the house with Vishal or not hit him with the pan. Giving a quick thought, Tuli said, "I would have not gone this time and would have participated next year from the start. Since I had just completed Nach Baliye 9, I entered Bigg Boss to show a different side to the audience. The irony is that I got introduced to a side I never thought existed in me. I would like to apologise to the audience and tell them that this is definitely not me. I am guilty of losing my calm but I have no regrets."

Sharing more on what actually transpired between the former lovers, the Baby actor said, "From the time I entered the house, Vishal has been furious. He never wanted me to be in the house with him. He would do something or the other to irk me. He would be nice one evening and the next morning he would turn abusive and disrespectful. All these while, his ill actions had been piling on and it was a breakout for me. Vishal has been strategising to get me out for long and he finally got successful. I just wish I had concentrated more on the game than him."

Stating that host Salman Khan very kindly threw her out of the house, Madhurima Tuli said, "He was really nice and understanding. He said that we are all humans and end up making mistakes. But as we are on national television, we ought to be careful. Salman sir did tell me I was wrong but he also said he would have wanted us to stay and sort things out."

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In her short journey of Bigg Boss 13, the actor was blamed by other inmates to be always sleeping and not doing household chores. Laughing at the tags given to her, Tuli said, "Initially when I entered the house, groups were already formed and so I had a hard time gelling with people. Once I was done with work, I would catch a nap then. However, it's not just me but everyone sleeps in that house. It's wrong to point fingers at me. Even when it comes to work, it was Mahira Sharma, who coined the term 'mera mann nahi hai'. Since I was relatively new, they just targeted me."

Madhurima Tuli's cute banter with Sidharth Shukla was quite enjoyed by fans, who even nicknamed them #SidRima. Talking about her equation with housemates, Chandrakanta actor said, "It was awesome and everyone was really nice. Yes, I did have my issues and fights but it was mostly momentarily. Sid especially was really sweet. He tried to make everything positive. Even during fights, he would try to make the situation light."

The only housemate that Madhurima is disappointed by is Rashami Desai. "I have known her for some time and so I really felt let down by her actions. I think that also triggered me somewhere. Rashami, Vishal, Asim and I used to be part of the same group. But because of the issues between Vishal and me, Rashami chose him over me. I was even thinking that when Arhaan Khan was in the house, she did not let anyone come between their togetherness. So how come she chose to prove me wrong in our fight? She had no job in interfering in our matters," she shared.

This season, fans are also treated to a lot of romances and connections. Sharing that apart from Vishal Aditya Singh, everyone is real in the show, Madhurima said, "I don't feel the connections are only for the game. It is indeed real. Only Vishal is an opportunist, rest, everyone has a genuine bond. If it wasn't real, it wouldn't have reached till fans. They do feel and stand by each other."

Lastly, when we asked her to name her choice as finalists, Madhurima Tuli said, "Sidharth Shukla, Asim Riaz and I am confused between Rashami Desai and Shehnaaz Gill."