Bigg Boss 13, Jai-Veeru War: Asim Riaz's Brother, Umar BLAMES Arti Singh And Shehnaaz Gill For Breaking Asim's Dosti With Sidharth Shukla- EXCLUSIVE

The Yeh Dosti Hum Nahin Todenge blokes of Bigg Boss 13, Asim Riaz and Sidharth Shukla have suddenly had their claws out against each other. The Asim-Sidharth dosti was a big talk on social media when it began, so much so that Salman Khan had even gone on to call them as the ‘Jai-Veeru��� of Bigg Boss 13. However, the last few episodes have been a disappointment for all the Asim-Sidharth fans as the two just can’t stop fighting with each other. 

In the Thursday episode, we saw Asim losing the Rakshash task against Arhaan Khan which didn’t go down well with Sidharth who then fought with Asim and blamed him for everything.  Later, we also saw them getting physical over household work when Shehnaaz Gill told Asim that he is targeting Sidharth. Now, the social media has got divided into two camps and it's all happening out there as we say- Asim camp Vs Shukla Camp!

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We spoke to Asim's brother Umar Riaz on this changed equation. Umar said that he was upset and blamed Arti Singh and Shehnaz Gill for this. Said Umar, "Friendship apni jagah hai aur self-respect apni jagah. And, I think Asim is fighting for just that. He has come alone and will go alone, so he has to play as an individual. But in spite of  losing the captaincy task because of Sidharth, he did try to speak to him and explain. But Sidharth told him, 'Asim, tu us team mein chala ja'. Why will he take these words from Sidharth? My brother was just trying to keep his point of view but Sidharth was adamant on what he is doing is right. Vishal Aditya Singh who has just entered the house was trusted by him so much that his den was kept empty. No competition was left for him. With all this. now I feel for Sidharth, it is the task that is more important to him than friendship.

If Asim and Sidharth are true friends, they will come back. But if this connection is just for the show,  I don't see things improving between the two." 

Added Umar, "Asim has, time and again, proven his friendships. If Sidharth says that ye layak nahi hai dosti ke, it must have hurt him. Asim is a very sensitive person and if he has called someone a friend, toh woh uske liye jaan bhi de dega. 

I am not understanding what kind of game Arti is trying to play. I saw her unnecessarily instigating Shukla against Asim, whereas Asim has always stood by her. Like in yesterday's episode when Sidharth said: 'Arti ka koi point of view nahi hai', Asim told him: 'Kyun nahi hai? Uska bhi point of view hai'. Though Asim and Arti are not the best of friends, Asim cares for Arti. All from here I understand is that Arti wants to be seen around with a strong contestant, which is why she's trying to patch up with Shehnaaz, with whom she never saw eye to eye. 

Shehnaaz is also colouring Shukla's mind; she told him that Asim deliberately went out of the frame when he was having a fight because he didn't want to be seen around him.  Then, Sana and she told Sidharth 'achcha usne tere baare mein itna bola to tera gussa sahi hai'. I mean, it's clear what Shehnaaz is doing.

Real friends try to make it and not to break it. I would say, Himanshi Khurana and Shefali Jariwala are the genuine people who tried to get them together and explain to Asim that these fights are not looking good. 

I think my brother Asim is playing the game very strongly, but he is still feeling insecure as no one has conveyed it to him that how strong a player he is being considered from outside. I really want Salman Sir or Bigg Boss to tell him about this, so that he gets a boost and comes out as a stronger person."

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