Bigg Boss 13: Kamya Punjabi Slams Madhurima Tuli for Insulting the Transgender Community

The popular reality show Bigg Boss always has some tricks up its sleeve to create a noise. In the recent episode, ex-Bigg Boss contestants and television stars Hiten Tejwani, Kamya Panjabi, as well as Rashami Desai's brother Gaurav, went to the show to talk to the contestants and give them feedback about their performances.

Kamya Panjabi, who is currently working on the TV show Shakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki, a show that talks about equal rights for transgender and intersex people, slammed contestant Madhurima Tuli for insulting the transgender community. Tuli, who is in the house with ex-boyfriend Vishal Aditya Singh by calling him a 'eunuch' on the show. Kamya scolded Madhurima for using the word negatively, saying that by working three years on a show, the comments were hurtful to the community. She called Tuli 'sick' which made her cry.

She also told Shefali Jariwala that she was manipulative, but not a mastermind. She also scolded Rashami Desai's boyfriend Arhaan Khan for his comments on Dashami on national television. Arhaan had previously said on the show that he revived the popular actor's career, to which Kamya said that people knew Arhaan because of Rashami. She also told Rashami to play the game properly and not make mistakes.

Rashami Desai's brother Gaurav also slammed Arhaan for trying to hamper Rashmi's reputation. He told Arhaan that his comment has hurt him. He also asks his sister to not be a spineless person and take the right decision. This leads to an argument between Rashami and Arhaan and the two scream at each other.

Hiten Tejwani, on the other hand, called Vishal confused and told Shehnaz Gill that she was not entertaining people after Siddharth Shukla left the house.

Rashami was also advised by her housemates to reconsider her decision of getting married to Arhaan.

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