Bigg Boss 13: Mahhi Vij To Trolls, 'I Am Supporting Shehnaaz Gill And Don't Need To Prove My Friendship With Rashami Desai On Twitter'- EXCLUSIVE

The Internet is going crazy trolling Mahhi Vij after the actress replied, supporting Shehnaaz Gill, on a tweet which slammed Rashami Desai and also spoke about Shehnaaz. Rashami and Mahhi are great friends and the netizens could not digest Vij supporting someone else but Desai. They started trending the #shameonmahhivij and #fakefriend. 

We got in touch with Mahhi Vij to understand what she has to say on the topic and here's her explanation to it, "I didn't read the first line and the hashtag #FlushMeDesai because I was replying to the second part of the tweet which was about Shehnaaz Gill. I didn't say anything wrong about Rashami. Trolls wanted to bash someone, so they bashed me, it's okay. I don't need to clear my friendship with Rashami on Internet. Anyway, now social media is just being used to thrash each other the moment they have an opinion." 

When we asked Mahhi to finally clear the air and reveal who is she supporting between Rashami and Shehnaaz, the actress replied, "Rashami and I are very good friends but it's not Rashami Vs Shehnaaz for me. I m watching the show as an audience and I will put my views across. I am supporting Shehnaaz because she is playing very well. She hails from a small town and is only been entertaining since the beginning. If you are following the show, you will notice that Shehnaaz is playing as an individual personality and does't need anyone's support. Having said that, Rashami is a very dear friend and is family, but as an audience I am enjoying Shehnaaz's performance. What's wrong in that?" 


Lastly, we asked Mahhi, how does she think Rashami is performing? "Initially, she was not doing well but now I feel, Rashami is shining."

Image Source:- instagram/mahhivij/ imrashamidesai/ shehnaazgill

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