Bigg Boss 13: Has The Much loved #Sidnaaz couple aka Sidharth shukla & shehnaaz gill Broken-up!

Manjari Mukherjee

Seems like trouble is brewing in the most unexpected places with no warnings, as Bigg Boss 13 fan’s fav couple Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill break-up!

Bigg Boss 13 is becoming more and more interesting and twisted day-by-day! From unlimited drama, spice to volatile relations and violent fights, seems like THIS season is going to be everything unforgettable! However, the most sweetest couple and much-loved equation of #Sidnaaz aka Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill seems to have become strained!

It was shown in yesterday’s episode, wherein it was noticed that Sidharth and Shehnaaz were sitting and eating separately, apparently the former has been quite upset with Gill over a reason unknown, and refuses to speak with her!

Well, moving on, Sidharth also asks Shehnaaz to change her beds, as he isn’t comfortable sharing it with her. When Shehnaaz refuses the same, Sidharth tells her that he is done with her! Seems like Sid is also having some equal problems with Shehnaaz and her behaviour of being too attached and possessive!

“I don’t like people like you. You are not kiddish and I am not going to tolerate you anymore. What you are doing is not good and you will have problem,” shared Sid. Apparently Sidharth’s always tried ignoring her constant need to irritate him as a sign of her cuteness, but it seems that now he’s miffed and, wants to maintain a safe distance from her.

Knowing Shehnaaz, she gets agitated about him suddenly breaking it all off, and also asks about what triggered him off to take such a step. Later on, she states how it is sad and shameful of her to waste her emotions on a guy like him. Sidharth finishes it off saying, “You are good. I am bad. Please stay away from me.”

Well, this indeed seems to be a break-up gone terribly wrong, after all, fans loved every min of THIS cute jodi inside the BB house.

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