Bigg Boss 13 Paras Chhabra-Sidharth Shukla Fight: Former Needs English Tuition, Unaware Of The Difference Between Counselling And Rehab- EXCLUSIVE

Sidharth Shukla telling Paras Chhabra that he was not in rehab is nothing but truth. Sidharth is justified in his fret and fume over Paras' irresponsible statement on these lines on national television (which of course Colors loves). Paras needs to take English tuition, he does not know that you send out wrong signals if you say counselling instead of rehab.

The word rehab gives you an instant feeling that the person is either insane/alcoholic/druggie; rehab involves isolation from family and friends. Nothing of that sort has happened with Sidharth. The Dil Se Dil Tak who had a blow hot, blow cold affair with his Dil Se Dil Tak Rashami Desai is fine and never been to rehab.

Over to the bit of counselling he took, sometime back. Sidharth used to have anger management issues. A source says, "Sidharth tends to get a little too expressive if and when he disagrees with you, and at times, loses his temper. But he was never violent. Moreover his gussa was always like soda water; he used to calm down in a very short duration. So, there was never any issue with him per se."

"With the passage of time, Sidharth is feeling much better and there is no recurrence of irrational anger. Of course, he still gets angry but only when there's a valid reason," the source adds.

Going back, one should note that even during his break-up with Rashami, Sidharth never misbehaved. He tried to keep his cool as much as possible even though he was feeling terribly low no doubt.

So Mr Chhabra, when are you hiring an English teacher? We have some very good teachers of English in our country. You can avail their guidance.

Image Source:- instagram/parasvchhabrra, gr8

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