Bigg Boss 13: Rashami Desai's Mother And Brother Had Told Her To FORGET Arhaan Khan, But The Girl Was Blind In Love- EXCLUSIVE

If Salman Khan's expose shook Rashami Desai as we see on our TV screens (or did she know about Arhaan Khan's past and was still blind in love?), the time is right to bring you what was happening inside the closed doors of Rashami's home. has it that Mummy and Bhaiyya were NOT in favour of Arhaan.

The opposing duo had told Rashami to stay away from Arhaan. Bhaiyya Gaurav knew Arhaan as a friend but friendship and relationship are two different things, and even he too like his mother had cautioned his sister to not get involved with Arhaan. The mother, in particular, had taken up the cudgels. But honi ko kuch aur hi manzoor tha aur Rashami pyaar ke bandhan mein bandh thi chali gayi.

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We hear, the Friday episode of Bigg Boss 13 that threw up that Arhaan is married plus has a kid has still come like a bolt from the blue to Gaurav and his mother. They were not liking their darling Rashami's liking for Arhaan alright, but surely, they did NOT expect that she was dating a married man who is also a father and NOT divorced.

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Rashami, once out (I wish her the best that she wins Bigg Boss 13) is going to hear from Mom and Gaurav that  'See, we had told you'- lekin we advise the concerned duo to take it easy. If indeed Arhaan has a parallel personal life going, we are sure that tab toh Rashami samajh jayegi. Mom and Gaurav should rather rally around her and lift her spirits. Woh kehte hain na- galti hum sab se hoti hai aur subah ka bhula agar shaam ko ghar laut aaye toh usse bhula NAHIN  kehte.

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