Bigg Boss 13: Shefali Bagga takes acting lessons from Dalljiet Kaur

Bigg Boss 13 is now live and is featuring a more interesting line-up of contestants than ever! From models and singers to writers and media personalities, people from different walks of life have made it to the house this year, and we can only expect the forthcoming episodes to be more and more intriguing. One of these contestants is Shefali Bagga, who we know as a TV journalist and host. As they say, old habits die hard. Shefali almost turned a journalist inside the house as she got into a conversation with fellow journalist Dalljiet Kaur.

“I haven’t learnt acting from anywhere specific, I learnt it with experience. I used to do a lot of episodes on different shows. I was practically paid to learn,” Dalljiet answered, when Shefali asked where she learned acting from.

“How long have you been doing this,” asked Shefali. Dalljiet replied, “14 years now.” This prompts Shefali to ask Dalljiet her age. “Dude! If someone looks at you and then looks at me, they’ll think we’re the same age. You look like you’re just 25 or 26, 10 years younger than your actual age,’ she exclaimed, after Dalljiet revealed that she is 36!”

Looks like Shefali was also keen to learn acting from Dalljiet! Dalljiet gave her an imaginary situation. “You enter a room and you see that your ex-husband is getting close with someone and you have to go there and tell him that if you see this girl again, it won’t be good for you. It can also be a case that the girl is the one who is interested and trying to get close to him while he is innocent but you’re very possessive. You have to warn the girl that the next time you touch him, it won’t end well. How will you say that?”

Hmm…quite an intense session! Eager to know how Shefali performed? Only the next episodes of Bigg Boss 13 can answer.

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