Bigg Boss 13: Shefali reveals why she stopped kissing and hugging Asim

Among all the love triangles witnessed by the television reality show Bigg Boss, Shefali Jariwala, Asim Riaz and Himanshi Khurana's love for each other was way too visible. In the latest episode, Shefali, who has always been in love with Asim revealed why she stopped kissing and hugging the contestant.

Talking to Hindustani Bhau, Shefali revealed that she grew closer to Asim as Himanshi and the latter started liking each other but couldn't be seen as a pair. The reason being her upcoming marriage with her fiance as soon as she left the BB house.

Shefali also pointed out how Paras Chhabra had warned her that despite being married, she kisses and hugs Asim, which would only ruin her image.

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Sidharth Shukla and Paras Chhabra who were in the secret room discussed the matter themselves when Sidharth tells Paras that Shefali has been standing beside Asim even before the love trianlge evolved between the three contestants.

Later, Shefali confessed to Bhau that Asim thinks it's because of her that Himanshi was evicted, however the latter asked her to take care of Riaz before leaving.

Adding to the drama, the later parts of the show witnesses Asim and Shefali fight with each other as Asim calls her selfish and untrue to everyone as she destroys Hindustani Bhau's letter sent by his family.

Asim also added that she is laying a trap in the house and is not trustworthy at all, but Bhau came in to sort the matter and asked Asim to stay away from this matter as they will it solve among themselves on their own.

Shefali then apologized to Bhau saying that she went crazy wanting become the captain of the house which didn't let her see anything else. Asim also tells Shefali that she should thank him, Sidharth for making her the captain and because of them their game became strong in the house.

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