Bigg Boss 13: Shehnaz Gill threatens to go on hunger strike after Siddharth Shukla avoids her

With Siddharth Shukla's re-entry inside the Bigg Boss house, the atmosphere has changed for the better. After a very long time, Shehnaz Gill seems relieved to have him back and has a heart to heart conversation with him. She gives him a complete update of every incident that took place in the house while he was away. She expresses how Rashami and Arhaan's relationship is coming across as fake and how everyone around is talking about them.

In a new promo released of the upcoming episode Siddharth is seen avoiding Shehnaz by not talking to her. She wonders why he is doing so, and cosies up with him to find out why.

Shukla tells her that everything is over between them, to which she tells him to not do any ‘tamasha’. Furthermore she warns him that if he doesn’t talk to her, she will go on a hunger strike, and if she doesn’t eat, she will eventually fall sick. She added that even if they take her to the hospital, she won’t eat there either, because she is very stubborn.

Touted as ‘Punjab Ki Katrina Kaif’, Gill tries several ways to make Siddharth talk to her. From kissing him on the cheeks to trying to apply lipstick on him, she tries everything from her end.

The promo also shows Shefali Bagga disturbing the housemates while they’re asleep. Annoyed by her antics, Vikas, Arhaan and Siddharth, lock her up in the washroom.

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