Bigg Boss 13: After Umar Riaz Denies Dating Sonal Vengurlekar, Actress Says, 'He Is Lying, When I Didn't Give Him My Number, He Stalked Me Through Instagram'- EXCLUSIVE

As Bigg Boss 13 is coming to an end, it doesn't look like the controversies attached to it are in any mood to die down! We're talking about the Umar Riaz-Sonal Vengurlekar dating drama.

TV actress Sonal claimed that she was dating Umar Riaz. In fact, was the one to break the news of their past affair. However, Umar has a different tune to hum. The Bigg Boss 13's contestant Asim Riaz's brother is now going around denying that he ever dated Sonal. In fact, he has a different version of the story as to how the two met at a party. 


In one of his recent interviews to a section of media, Umar has said, “We used to meet and hang out but I never dated her. I was never in a relationship. That’s it. Nothing more or less than that. I never went up to them (Sonal and her friend) and gushed, contrary to her claim of me getting fame. This is all bullshit claims. Come on, you come up to me and ask for my number and then claim I was there with you for fame?”


After his accusations, Sonal spoke to us and had a different angle to it. She outright called Umar a liar and said she and her friend never asked Umar for his number at the party and it was he who came to her, "He is lying. What I can't understand is why? He is saying I (along with my friend) asked for his number. Sorry but the truth is that he wanted my number and when I refused, he stalked me through Instagram."  According to the actress that's how these two met and then after a while started dating. 

Sonal also speaks about Umar's claim of the actress being jobless for 8 months. "That is so absurd. Being at home and not working for 8 months is very common for us actors. I work for a year and earn as much for 3 years- so, I can easily sit at home and wait for good work, which is what I did."   

Well, as we said Bigg Boss 13 will come to an end, but these lingering controversies will make headlines.

Image Source:- instagram/umarriazz91/ sonal_1206

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