Bigg Boss 13: Vishal Aditya Singh's ex Madhurima Tuli to enter in house

Actress Madhurima Tuli is the latest entrant in Bigg Boss's ongoing season. Madhurima is friends with Rashami Desai and Devoleena Bhattachartjee. She thinks Reshmi and Siddharth Shukla are strongest competitors on the show but she also feels that once inside the house ,she doesn't know if friendships will remain the same or not. In an interview before stepping inside the house Madhurima speaks about her strategies,controversies and her ex –Vishal Aditya Singh, who is also part of the show.

How have prepared yourself to be away from family,friends and social media?

Yes, staying away from all this requires a lot of preparations. Honestly I am a very family person and have always stayed with them even when I have gone out for a shoot , I always had my phone with me. It is going to be for the first time that I will be actually away from them and won't be able to connect with them. It is going to be very difficult for sure. But that is what the challenge is to see how you survive in the Bigg Boss house even after having emotional hang ups. I have tried to prepare myself for this,I want to be strong and play well.

Since you have been working in television and in films ,what was your reason for doing this show?

I have just finished one reality show Nach Baliye so when I got another offer for this show,I though it will definitely help my career,I will get more audience and fan following.Another thing is that I want to make myself understand that who I am and I want to tell the audience this is what I am. I hope they like me. If I survive for long in the show then I will definitely get noticed and I will have good opportunities in future. It is a great platform and I may be offered one more reality show after this. It is always easier to choose what I can do in future once you get noticed in such shows.

Are ready to face the criticism and controversies for your behaviour inside the house?

I was very scared to go to Bigg Boss before Nach Baliye,like they asked me last year. But Nach Baliye gave me that confidence that I can survive and handle that stress and that is why I am more confident. When you know you are true to yourself and your work and you are a good human being, then criticism will come. It is like a package if you are an actor and you have not done a good work in the film,people will criticise you. It is something that I have got an opportunity and if people will criticise me for my behaviour then I will try and improve myself whenever I will come out.But I will try myself to keep calm and meditate so that I won't screw up anything. I will take care of my image for sure.

What is your strategy about the game?

I know Reshmi and Delovleena and Siddharth I have met him few times but once I go inside the house I will know who I can be friends with and who I cannot be friends with. You plan things and after entering in the show things change completely. Your strategies don't work that is what I feel. However I will try to be friends with everyone and play my solo game. Someone says something to me then I will have to give it back there is not point being calm that time. Asim, Siddharth and Reshmi are also tough competitors.

Your ex- Vishal is already part of the show ,so how will be your interaction with him?

I don't know actually because when he was out, we were not talking to each other. Now our arguments are over, so we will either try to mend things or fight again. If he continues to be himself then there is a chance that we will end up arguing again and if same things will keep happening then I can't stay silent. I will try as much as I can not to fight with him and control myself.

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