Bigg Boss 14: Abhinav Shukla Loses To Eijaz Khan During Captaincy Task, Rubina Dilaik Feels Bigg Boss Made An Unfair Decision

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Last night’s episode of controversial TV reality show Bigg Boss 14 was high on drama, adding a lot of spice to the show was the captaincy task which had got many at loggerheads. While Pavitra Punia and Rahul Vaidya successfully snatched Abhinav Shukla’s bag from him, on the other side Eijaz Khan had already gotten off his vehicle. This made Abhinav’s friends in the house Nishant Singh Malkani, Jasmin Bhasin, wife Rubina Dilaik and the new Sanchalak Naina Singh, announce him as a winner.

However, when BB asked Naina about whose bag was outside the red zone, Naina picked Eijaz’s name. With Bigg Boss announcing him as the winner of the task, this did not go down well with Abhinav. Later Abhinav was continuously seen discussing the same with Naina of this particular decision being unfair. However, Naina despite being sanchalak was not entitled to make a decision, thus leading to both Naina and Abhinav feeling that Bigg Boss was biased in his decision.

Watching Abhinav continuously discussing it with Naina, his wife-housemate Rubina Dilaik told him he was over thinking. Followed by this she also told that Bigg Boss will only get those in limelight who can create drama and get in a lot of masala in the episode, hinting at Bigg Boss being unfair.

Later Eijaz had a major showdown with wild card entrant Kavita Kaushik, who yelled at him as well as hurled abuses at him. She also stated unlike Eijaz Khan’s claim of them being friends, she is not friends with him but is Abhinav’s friend. ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 14: Nishant Malkhani And Eijaz Khan Come To Blows, Malkhani Tells Khan, ‘There Is No Bigger Fraud Than You In The Country’

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