Bigg Boss 14: 'Arshi Khan Will Give It Back, She Will Not Sit In A Corner Quietly Like Eijaz Khan,' Actress' Best Friend On Her Tussle With Rubina Dilaik- EXCLUSIVE

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Arshi Khan and Rubina Dilaik are going strong inside the house. Both have overpowering personalities and when two such beings come under one roof in Bigg Boss' house, there has to be friction.

And that's what is being witnessed of late between Arshi and Rubina. Both have been having major spats in the last few days. The most recent one being last night when Arshi and Rubina argued over discussing nominations.

We got in touch with Arshi's best friend, Sonia Chandran, who told us that it's Rubina who always instigates Arshi. "The person who has picked on first is Rubina Dilaik. For example, on the dance performance day, Sonali said, 'only Arshi will be seen here,' so Rubina replied saying that 'don't worry, she can dance anywhere. Even during the sleep incident, Arshi and Sonali were having a nice chat and they were not loud. Yet Rubina created a scene and said things like, 'this is my house and you people will get out.' That's when Arshi got irked and she decided to pin Rubina down."

Sonia further added that Arshi is not someone who will take things lying down. She said, "Even during the nomination fight, Rubina was taunting Arshi through Rakhi. So, if you will challenge her, Arshi will give it back, she will not sit in one corner, quietly like Eijaz Khan."

Interestingly, Arshi has had a sweet and sour relationship with Rubina Dilaik's husband, Abhinav Shukla. "Arshi tries to be friendly with Abhinav but when there is a tricky situation, he behaves like an idiot. For instance, during Weekend Ka Vaar, he brought up an old topic of Arshi flirting with him, which she doesn't any more, so since he didn't have anything in his defense, he brings out old instances," said Sonia.

Looks like Arshi and Rubina will go a long way in their quarrels as both seem to be very opinionated. "Arshi will have a problem with this couple, because they are messing with her, and she will mess with them in return," concluded Arshi's best friend.

Image Source: Instagram/arshikofficial/rubinadilaik

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