Bigg Boss 14 contestant Jasmin Bhasin on eviction from reality show, finding an ally in Aly Goni

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In a shocking twist, Jasmin Bhasin, who was expected to be one of the finalists of Bigg Boss season 14, was evicted from the reality show on Sunday.

While audience and housemates alike found Bhasin entertaining in the initial days, she was soon accused of bringing negativity to the Bigg Boss house, so much so that she was nicknamed 'Jas-mean' on social media.

Even former contestants who were invited for panel discussions slammed Bhasin for her 'high-handed' behaviour and 'sudden change in personality'. Bhasin also had a fallout with Rubina Dilaik, one top contenders of the show, and a massive showdown with Rakhi Sawant.

Troubled with the turn of events, a frustrated Bhasin had expressed the desire for a voluntary exit, but she was eventually evicted due to meagre number of votes in her favour.

Excerpts from a chat with the television actress:

Despite a huge fan following, you're out of the Bigg Boss house. There are many contestants who are not as loved, yet they remain in the game. Does this feel unfair or like a big setback to you? You were quite confident about winning the show.

I wasn't expecting my eviction, I wanted to win the show but I am grateful to my fans who got me till this stage in the game. I cannot comment on the support that others in the house enjoy. All I can say is that I was disappointed that I am not in the game, but I am also overwhelmed by the love that my fans have showered on me. I will always be grateful to them. Everyone wants to win the reality show that is reality.

Your eviction was quite emotional, even host Salman Khan couldn't hold back his tears.

I was touched. I have so much love and respect for Salman sir. He is such a fantastic host. In the past, he has never cried in Bigg Boss. Seeing tears in his eyes broke my heart. I guess it was quite an emotional moment for everyone

You had a support system in Aly Goni. When he entered the house, you called it a 'mind blowing situation'. However, don't you think that support system eventually became a liability or a hindrance to your solo game? Your parents had also insisted that you play your solo game.

A lot of people said that I was not playing my game, but I think I was. Aly and I are very close to each other and he was my biggest support system, so it was natural for me to feel more confident when he was there around me. My parents' reaction was normal as they wanted me to win the game. They know Aly and I have been friends.

The housemates and the viewers have been questioning your transformation from 'cute to mean' after Aly's entry into the Bigg Boss house. What do you have to say on this?

It is just a matter of perception and in a reality show anyone can interpret anything as an audience. I take time to open up and I don't think there has been any major transformation in myself and Aly's entry did add up spice to the show.

Don't you think the entry of Challengers was a big disadvantage for you. It probably spoilt your chance of making it as to the top?

It was nice to have the challengers as the game became more interesting as there were more people. I think there are some things in life which you need to leave to fate, it's a game and there will be only one winner, what's important is how you conduct yourself during this journey. Challengers did bring in spice so it's fine.

There have been stories about you being made the scapegoat and eventually evicted. Rubina, Jasmin, Abhinav and Aly were found discussing that their nominations were planned/designed to evict Abhinav, who was often considered the weakest. Your comment?

I cannot comment on this as obviously I have no knowledge of it. As far as I know, all evictions happen based on the votes of the audience only. I don't think there is any interference. It is just a game. My life and career is not just one show. You win some you lose some. I had a good journey and I focused on positive things.

You and Rubina had a good start but the relationship soon turned sour. Looking back, do you still feel that she is 'clever' and has 'superiority complex'?

Yes, I do feel so. She is a smart player and manipulative as well. But I don't blame her as this show requires one to pull others down in order to stand out.

What were the biggest challenges during your stay in the Bigg Boss house? Any regrets?

My stay in the house was beyond amazing and I miss every minute of it. Dancing on the wake-up call, cooking, spending time with everyone, the tasks€¦I have no regrets. The only thing I feel is that you need to realise that everyone is playing their game, so don't trust people easily. I have become an allrounder post living inside.

Who do you think deserves to win and take the trophy home?

Aly for sure! I think his game is amazing and he is one of the strongest players in the house. He has retained his individuality and he is playing the game very well. He should continue playing the game as he is playing. His winning is equal to my winning.

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