Bigg Boss 14: Dalljiet Kaur Says, 'No One Is Better Than Vikas Gupta To Play The Game, He Is By Far The Best Contestant'- EXCLUSIVE

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In every season of Bigg Boss, the most awaited task for all the contestants is the 'family week', when one by one contestants get a chance to meet their family members. Where every contestant was shedding tears of happiness, one of the most talked-about contestants, Vikas Gupta had an emotional episode saying, "nobody will come for me in the family week".

But we guess our mastermind was wrong this time as not only did actress Rashami Desai show us that friends are family as she came to see Vikas in the family week, actress Dalljiet Kaur also expressed her love for Vikas.

Vikas might not have good friends in the BB house, but he sure has some strong friendships outside the BB house. Where Rashami made a surprise visit for Vikas in the show, his close friend and actress Dalljiet Kaur expressed her love and support for him, "We are all his family, and our message shall reach him loud and clear, We are all here for you Vikas, you are not alone".

Dalljiet was all praises for Vikas as she talked about how she loves the way he is playing his game, "No one is better than him to play Bigg Boss. I think he is one of the best contestants so far. And he understands the BB task the best."

Vikas sure had a rough journey in Bigg Boss 14 till now, but after seeing the immense support he is getting from not just the fans but also from his friends too, his fans are sure that Vikas will be slaying in the game like before in no time!

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