Bigg Boss 14 Day 102 Written Update: Salman Khan Scolds Abhinav Shukla for Not Being a Supportive Husband

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In every season in Bigg Boss comes a time when the audience questions the housemates about their behaviour on the show. The questions are pointed and scathing and the housemates have no option but to reply for their actions and are held responsible for their acts. Salman Khan himself makes sure that the housemates answer to the Janta questions which the audience is eager to know.

Sonali Phogat is asked by one viewer about why is she acting offensively against Rubina Dilaik during the last nomination? Is Sonali not able to handle the nomination process? Salman, too, asks Sonali about why she used foul language against Rubina and threatened her. As always, Salman Khan corrects Sonali and tells her that this is not the right way to pursue. Salman tells Sonali to introspect her actions inside the house and make a change for good.

Abhinav Shukla is the next one to be questioned by the audience about why he does not give a fitting reply to those who attack him. While Abhinav says that he is not aggressive, Salman explains to him that the question is about taking a stand against what he feels wrong. Salman also tells Abhinav that his support towards his wife Rubina is weak. Salman also reminds him that when Rubina tries to explain things to him, he rudely dismisses her. Salman also tells him to not be such a dominating husband but to try and be an understanding human being. It’s a very emotional moment between Rubina and Abhinav and even she believes that Abhinav is letting her down.