Bigg Boss 14 Day 109 Written Update: Contestants Face Tough Questions from the Press

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Bigg Boss has been witnessing non-stop action as the finale inches close and the contestants are trying to put their best foot forward to clinch the BB14 trophy. With excitement amongst the media reaching a new high, Bigg Boss arranges for a meet and greet session with the press.

Select media enter the Bigg Boss house for a special BB Press Conference that takes the housemates by surprise. The grilling by the press is thorough and unflinching as the housemates answer some very sharp and pointed questions put forth by the media. Actor and ex-contestant Kamya Panjabi plays host for the press conference and makes sure that the contestants get no opportunity to duck any questions.

The housemates answer the questions in pairs. First to go up are Rahul and Rubina. Rahul is asked why he chooses to only fight with Rubina over non-issues. He is also asked why he chose to stay silent when his friend Aly would bully others when he has constantly claimed that Rubina is a bully. Rubina, too, is not spared and is questioned on supporting Nikki when she misbehaves. She is also asked whether the issues between her and hubby Abhinav are real actual or are they faking it. Nikki is questioned on being very rude to others in the house along with acting as a pawn for Rubina. Her fight with Devoleena is also discussed and the two enter into a debate of sorts.

Arshi and Vikas are next, and Arshi is asked whether she is forgetting to mind her own manners, considering she claims that other housemates are mannerless. Her harsh attitude towards Vikas and Rakhi also get questioned. Vikas is interrogated about his nature of sharing outside information and using it to influence others inside the house.

Abhinav gets targeted for his game and whether he would ever play it like a contestant or just act as Rubina's husband. Aly, who considers Rubina as a friend, has to answer why he supported Rahul over Rubina in a recent tussle. Aly is also questioned about badmouthing Rubina and Abhinav behind their backs to which Aly completely disagrees.