Bigg Boss 14, Day 59 Written Updates: Aly Goni Evicted, Kavita Kaushik Storms Out During Fight with Rubina Dilaik

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Given the surprising finale Week in Bigg Boss 14, housemates are all on the edge and tempers are flaring. Everyone knows that no one is safe and that has had the contestants up their game to the next level.

Rubina and Kavita, who have not really clashed earlier, have a rather surprising and epic showdown this time. Kavita threatens Rubina that she will show her who is the real boss when she meets her outside the Bigg Boss House. Rubina doesn’t take this threat lightly and enters into a heated yelling match with Kavita. With Kavita also not one to take things lying down, their showdown is too hot to handle. Things get so serious that none of the housemates intervene, as the two keep accusing each other. Kavita also threatens Rubina to reveal some very personal and embarrassing things about Abhinav. Rubina throws caution to the wind and dares Kavita to reveal whatever she wants.

Bigg Boss, on noting that housemates are not following rules, says that the contestants are welcome to walk out. Kavita makes use of this to exit the house and storms out as she decides not to be in the same house with Rubina and Abhinav. The housemates are all in a rude shock over this, and Nikki can’t even believe that her friend in the house has just walked out!.