Bigg Boss 14, Nikki Tamboli's Mother BLASTS Kashmera Shah: 'Nikki Is Of Her Daughter's Age'- EXCLUSIVE

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Yesterday, Kashmera Shah was eliminated from Bigg Boss 14 house due to less number of votes. The actress had two weeks of journey in the house, where we saw her in a huge tussle with Nikki Tamboli, recently. In fact, while exiting from the house yesterday, when Nikki came to bid her goodbye, the actress gave her a cold vibe.

The two, who were making alliance to play the game together, turned loggerheads later. And Nikki nominated Kashmera giving her age the reason which didn't go well with Kashmera and she tried to correct and later burst into tears. The two also got involved in a physical fight during captaincy (duck) task. Now, we spoke to Nikki's mother Pramila Tamboli on what she has to say on the whole matter. ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 14: Nikki Tamboli's Mother On Rakhi Sawant's Comment, 'Mardo Ko Kone Mein Lekar Baithti Hai Chugalkhor': It's Vulgar And Cheap-Exclusive

Nikki Tamobli's mother in an exclusive conversation with us said, "Kashmera Shah is from my days and Nikki is of her daughter's age. But I saw her joining Rakhi Sawant and Arshi Khan while they were saying ugly things to Nikki which is really very embarassing. And she is telling my daughter that mere samay ki heroine sab usse khafa hongi for making this remark. But nothing of that sort happened none of the actresses showed any kind of disappointment towards Nikki because they know she was not at mistake. It was Kashmera who was looking bad in this. If Kashmera would have been right, then people would have shared their support for her in form of votes which eventually they didn't." ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 14: Rare Interview Of Rakhi Sawant's Hubby Ritesh, Blasts Nikki-Manu Punjabi For Insulting His Wife; Questions Nikki's Mother For 'Vulgar Cheap' Comment -EXCLUSIVE

She also went on saying, "During the duck task, when Kashmera and Nikki had a physical fight, I saw a lot of videos on social media calling it an entertainment. There were comments like Nikki aur Kashmera ne bhaut accha khela. But here I want to say it might be an entertainment for you but as a mother it was hurtful to me. As a viewer, I also know entertainment is important but one should not cross their limits. I was a fan of Kashmera Shah and used to appreciate her but now I hate her for the way she behaved with my daughter."

However, Nikki's mother is not upset with Arti Singh for making a video and slamming her daughter for commenting on Kashmera's age. She said, "I don't mind what Arti Singh said in her video. End of the day, she is her sister-in-law and she will definitely take her side."

Image Source: Instagram/kashmera1/nikkitamboli

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