Bigg Boss 14: Ilham Goni On Aly's Relationship With Jasmin Bhasin! Says, 'My Parents Have No Problem With Her'- EXCLUSIVE

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Television's latest hot couple- Jasmin Bhasin and Aly Goni, confessed their love for each other on national television. The two, who participated in reality show Bigg Boss 14, not only made their relationship official but were also seen discussing their marriage plans in many episodes. This whole thing came as a sweet surprise for the viewers.

And now, Aly Goni's sister Ilham in an exclusive conversation with revealed how her parents are reacting to it. ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 14: Rakhi Sawant Writes Abhinav Shukla’s Name All Over Her Body; Leaves Abhinav Disgusted, Rubina Dilaik Calls It ‘Cheap Entertainment’- VIDEO

Ilham told us, "My parents know Jasmin for the last three years. And they know the kind of girl she is. They have known her as Aly's very close friend and have treated her like that. But whatever happened between the two on the show, they generally don't have any problem. They just want Aly to be happy. We really like her and if they decide to stay together. We don't have any problem. In fact, we will be excited for it." ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 14: Ex-Contestant Roshmmi Banik Says, 'If So Many People Can Make A Comeback, Then Why Not Jasmin Bhasin?'

She also added, "My parents have no problem with Jasmin. Because they really like her."

Ilham also reacted to the speculations of Jasmin re-entering the show as Aly's connection with other celebrities, "There are only four weeks left and I don't know if Jasmin will actually get a chance to re-enter as a contestant. I have read at many places that she might go as his connection. Though I am not sure about it. But I feel if she goes, it will be a great support for Aly. He will be happy and will feel motivated."

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