Bigg Boss 14: Jaan Kumar Sanu's Mother Sent Blanket As A Diwali Gift For Nikki Tamboli BUT Stopped Makers Midway- EXCLUSIVE

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We often see emotions and equations of the contestants change for each other inside the Bigg Boss house. And these changing equations also have an impact in the outside world. Something similar happened recently when Jaan Kumar Sanu's mother Rita Bhattacharya packed a lovely blanket for her son's friend, Nikki Tamboli as a Diwali gift but refused to give it to her later.

In last week's nominations, we saw Bigg Boss asking housemates to sacrifice their stuff to save the other contestants. When everyone was sacrificing their personal belongings with emotional value, we saw Nikki Tamboli giving up her mother's blanket for saving Jaan from nominations. This gesture of Nikki towards her son melted Rita's heart and she decided to send Nikki a blanket as a Diwali gift. In fact, she did send one to the makers but before that could Nikki, Jaan's mother changed her mind and she requested the team to not pass on the blanket to her. And the reason for this change of heart was? Read on. ALSO READ:Bigg Boss 14 KISSING GAME: Eijaz Khan Kisses Pavitra Punia, Makes Her Blush; Nikki Tamboli Nominates Jaan Kumar Sanu For Forcefully Kissing Her

A source informs SpotboyE, "A lot of gifts were sent by the contestants' families for the Diwali task. While everybody sent gifts to their family members, Jaan's mother sent a blanket to Nikki and was quite excited to give her. But eventually she changed her mind when she saw Nikki alleging him of kissing her forcefully. And her repeated statements against him which came as an insult."


We tried reaching out to Rita Bhattachraya to know more on this but she remained unavailable for comment. ALSO READ:Bigg Boss 14: Salman Khan Schools Nikki Tamboli For Putting Her Mask In Her Knickers, Tells Her 'Apki Izzat Apke Haath Main Hai'

Currently, Nikki and Jaan are seen as loggerheads in the show. And it will be interesting to see if their equations come to normal and how Nikki reacts after learning about the gift which never reached her?

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