Bigg Boss 14: Karan Patel On Supporting Aly Goni To Convince Jasmin Bhasin's Parents, 'He Is Charming Enough To Do It Himself'- EXCLUSIVE

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Aly Goni's shares a very special bond with TV star Karan Patel as he is not just his co-star and closest friend but also addresses him as his big brother. Now, Karan Patel in a candid chat with us shared his views on his game inside. Aly and Jasmin's love confession for each other and whom he wants to take the trophy home other than Aly Goni. Read on;

Are you following Bigg Boss 14?

Yes, I am following the season.

Other than Aly, who is keeping you hooked this season and why?

Rakhi for sure, because she is the only one who creates a riot but not at the cost of anyone else’s dignity.

Do you see Aly as a winner?

Of course, I want him to win the title.

What will be the one advice you will give Aly if, like other years you go to the house, as a guest?

I think Aly needs to cut off all emotional and romantic angles and play like an individual because you decided to be part of a show to win it, not promote others to the title.

Aly has finally confessed his love for Jasmin. How do you see their relationship?

I’m happy with whatever makes Aly happy, he is my baby brother and nothing means more to me than his happiness.

Will Aly have his big brother's support to convince her parents?

Aly is charming enough to get the job done by himself.

Other than Aly who has the winning qualities and why?

Honestly, I think there are a couple of others who are equally deserving to win the title if it does not go to Aly. But apart from Aly, I would personally want to see Rakhi win the title, because she is not only funny but way smarter than what the other housemates make her to be.

Fans want to see you locked inside the house, what's keeping you away till now?

Working hard to give my fans a surprise. I’d rather have my fans flock to theatres to watch me on the big screen. So, just working towards manifesting this dream.

Image source: Instagram/karan9198/jasminbhasin2806

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