Bigg Boss 14: Kashmera Shah, Shefali Bagga Slam Jasmin Bhasin for Playing 'Woman Card'

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In a recent episode of Bigg Boss 14, contestants Jasmin Bhasin and Rahul Vaidya had got into a fight, after the latter had snatched a bag from her during a task. Jasmin cried and accused him of using physical strength to threaten a woman.

Now, former contestants Kashmera Shah and Shefali Bagga have slammed the TV actress for playing the "woman card" during the task. Kashmera wrote, “Why are these girls crying in this game? Where is the sportsmanship spirit? Why is @rahulvaidya23 being cornered and no it’s not ok to give him gaali @jasminbhasin And I saw him requesting her so many times. Tasks are equal for men and women in BB House. Grow up guys @ColorsTV.”

Also, Shefali wrote, “#Jasmin ne kya laga rakha hai-dhamki di dhamki di. Kahan dhamki di? Usne sidha kaha ki chord de bag warna injury ho jaegi. Kaha likha tha bag cheen nahi sakte. Ab #rahul matlab khele bhi na kya. Last season mei aajati to kya hota inka usmein toh itni cheena jhapti thi (What is Jasmin going on about, saying that she was threatened? Rahul directly told her to leave the bag or else she would get injured. Where was it said that the bag could not be snatched? Should Rahul not even perform the task? God knows what would have happened if she had come in the previous season, there was so much pulling and pushing) #BiggBoss2020.” She added, “Such an abla naari (delicate woman) attitude #JasminBhasin #BiggBoss14.”

Meanwhile, netizens have been seeing singer Rahul Vaidya as the potential winner of Bigg Boss 14, thanks to his straightforwardness, outspoken nature, and fearless attitude.