Bigg Boss 14: Kumar Sanu Apologises For His Son Jaan Kumar Sanu Asking Nikki Tamboli To Not Speak In Marathi- Watch Video

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Bigg Boss 14 contestant Jaan Kumar Sanu was at the receiving end after his comments over the Marathi language. In one recent episode, he was heard telling fellow contestant Nikki Tamboli not to talk in Marathi as it irked him. Well, this hasn’t gone down well with the viewers and Shiv Sena; he was majorly slammed on the social media platform. Followed by which Bigg Boss 14 also got him to apologize for his comment, by calling him in the confession room and schooled him on it as well. The channel too rendered an apology for airing the snippet.

Now Jaan’s father and one of the most celebrated singers of the film industry, Kumar Sanu has rendered his apology on behalf of his son’s comment. In the video shared by TV9 journalist Shivangi Thakur on her Twitter account, Kumar Sanu spoke about the incorrect statement his son made on the show, further mentioning how Maharashtra has given him everything in his career. He also shared during his several years of career he respected all the languages and continues to do it. This apology also shed some light on the singer residing separately from his family.

He shared his wife and kids have been residing separately for the last 27 years, further doubting his wife’s upbringing. In the video, he also mentioned about his collaboration with late politician Balasaheb Thackeray. Check out this video below-

ColorsTV posted a video of Jaan Kumar Sanu’s rendering his apology with the caption, “Jaan Kumar Sanu apologies for his remarks in relation to the Marathi language made on the Bigg Boss episode aired on Tuesday, 27th October #BB14 #Bigg Boss 14.”

Image Source: Instagram/jaan.kumar.sanu/kumarsanuofficial

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