Bigg Boss 14: “I’m happy they are taking it seriously,” Says Aly Goni’s Sister Ilham About His Relationship With Jasmin Bhasin

Ruchita Ushakola
·1-min read

Earlier than Bigg Boss, there are many admirers of Aly Goni and Jasmin Bhasin’s adorable relation. Audience has been always keen to know they are more than friends and now they are on cloud nine ever since the two finally accepted that they’re more than just friends.

Jasmin and Aly’s growing closeness has caught everyone’s attention which went on to call them ‘Jasly’. The duo are often seen sharing cutr moments, and also in the last night’s episode, they were also seen discussing about marriage, by themselves and also with Rakhi Sawant. Before that, both have denied for being romantically involved.

On the same, Aly’s sister Ilham Goni revealed that they are ‘just friends’ and fruther stated that all the speculations might be not on that Aly and Jasmin are just friends right now. Ilham says, “If they have decided to come out, talk about it, and want to take it further, it is their choice. It is a serious matter. I am happy that they are taking it seriously and have decided to talk about it after they come out of the house.”

Further Ilham went on clarifying that, “People love to talk about others and they are doing it with Aly and Jasmin, too. However, I choose to not react to these rumours.”