Bigg Boss 14 November 13 Episode Highlights: Eijaz Khan - Pavitra Punia's Mushy Romance, Abhinav Shukla - Rubina Dilaik Entering the Cage, 5 Highlights of BB 14

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Bigg Boss 14 is going on in full swing with Aly Goni being named as the new captain of the house. The house is currently chaotic with Nikki Tamboli accusing her good friend, Jaan Kumar Sanu of kissing her forcibly and Aly giving an earful to Jaan for his behaviour. Rahul Vaidya also made headlines when he professed his feeling for his lady love and actress Disha Parmar on the national television. Besides Nikki and Jaan's heated drama, here are other major highlights from tonight's episode. Read on. Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Vaidya’s Longtime Girlfriend Disha Parmar Reacts to the Singer’s Marriage Proposal.

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Eijaz and Pavitra's Love Story

Eijaz is finally falling in love with Pavitra and is smitten with her. The couple is getting along extremely well inside the house and their mushy moments are a treat to watch. Will they continue with their love story outside? Only time can tell but until then, let's enjoy their chemistry together. Bigg Boss 14: Nishant Singh Malkhani Feels Pavitra Punia and Eijaz Khan Are Faking Their Love Story, Says ‘They See the Cameras and Start Acting'.

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Nikki Likes Aly Goni

Nikki in her conversation with Pavitra insists that Jaan is just her friend and she's in fact into men like Aly Goni. He even describes how impressed she was with his strong persona when he entered the house and Jaan is not her type.

Nikki v/s Jaan

Nikki accuses Jaan of kissing her forcibly, against her will. Aly gets extremely angry with Jaan's behaviour and questions his audacity. Jaan, in his defence questions Nikki as to why she kissed him back if she wasn't okay with it. She then nominates his name to get locked inside the cage.

Kavita Locks Horns with Eijaz

Kavita and Eijaz have a verbal argument once again after she blames him for using his personal life to gain sympathy from others to get ahead in the game.

Abhinav and Rubina in Jail

Abhinav and Rubina go in the life-size cage put in by Bigg Boss in tonight's episode. The couple gets the maximum number of votes and hence the repercussion.