Bigg Boss 14 Opinion: The BB 14 Contestants Should Avoid And Stop Discussing The Things Happening In Outside World

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Every episode of Bigg Boss 14 brings a new dispute or fight that leads to gossip and controversy. But well that is what is expected from the show. In the house of BB 14, many contestants have come as a wild card entry. Taking from Aly Goni to Vikas Gupta, Rakhi Sawant, Arshi Khan, and more came into the house which has added spice to the show.

Recently, Vikas Gupta had re-entered the show after being eliminated for while for being violent. In yesterday’s episode, we saw a clash between Eijaz Khan and Vikas Gupta. He told Eijaz Khan to not use his father’s name for gaining sympathy. Vikas told him that he has spread a lot of misinformation inside this house, and Eijaz said that he got to know that his ex-girlfriend was close with Vikas Gupta and she got influenced by somebody.

Vikas was saddened by Eijaz’s claims that his father and the entire family would have been imprisoned. During one of the episodes, Eijaz had made a hand gesture of the alphabet ‘V’ indicating that it was Vikas, who manipulated his ex-girlfriend. This is a very personal topic to discuss on national television. 

This is not the first time housemates are discussing the outside topics in the house. Earlier, Vikas had told Abhinav Shukla about Kavita Kaushik’s husband spreading maligning information about him. Aly Goni too has talked about Rubina Dilaik having a strong fanbase and their support. 

By talking and cropping up outside personal topics about any contestant should be stopped in the house. It does nothing fruitful and only defaming each other. They are lowering just each other’s standards.